The Team

Commercial manager & Base- leader


Christina is diving since 2006 and an instructor since 2008. She was working in the diving industry in Greece, Spain, Egypt, Thailand and Bonaire. If you have any questions about fishes or nudibranches in the Mediterranean Sea than you have to ask her. 


Languages: German, English, Dutch

PADI Instructor


Lucy joined the team too! She has been diving around Menorca for more than a decade!! Just like Christina she can tell you all about the magical under water world around Menorca. Are you looking for a certain animal in the waters surrounding Menorca? Ask Lucy! She probably knows where to look!


Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan



Repairs, photography and back-office


Michiel is diving since 2001 and he became a Pro in 2005 in Greece. He worked in many countries like Greece, The Netherlands, Spain, Egypt and Bonaire. If you have a problem with your equipment, he is the guy to talk to! Need some help with improving your under water pictures? Just ask him if he is around!


Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish

Mental coach 


Scuba is the big boss of the dive centre. Everybody works for her so she can eat! She does all the work on the background like helping with answering e-mails.


Languages: Dutch & Kittychat