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SSI Boat

What is important to know when you dive from a boat. Find your way back to the boat, safety standards, different entries.

2 dives/2 days (we do this specialty in cooperation with one of our neighbour dive centres!)

incl. equipment € 220

excl. equipment € 180

SSI Marine Ecology

You want to know more about the interaction of species or the difference of terrestrial and aquatic life.

2 dives/1 Day

incl. equipment € 190

excl. equipment € 150

SSI Perfect Buoyancy

Your dream is to fly?! Try it underwater! Find your balance and slow down your gas consumption! Especially perfect for the novice diver!

2 dives/1 day

incl. equipment € 190

excl. equipment € 150

Night & Limited visibility

To dive in the night is completely different to day diving. Learn about preparation before the dive and different aquatic life. Try this specialty!

2 dives/2 nights

incl. equipment € 260

excl. equipment € 200

SSI Science of diving

Learn about the science behind your dives. What does pressure do to your body? 

Non-diving specialty - mandatory specialty for your SSI -Divemaster!

duration: half day

€ 120


What can you find below 18m? How is the temperature or the visibility in 30 m? What happens to the colors?

3 dives/3 days

incl. equipment € 260

excl. equipment € 200

* Not included in the prices is camera rental and surcharge for printed certification cards. All course prices mentioned above are for SSI Specialities. In case you would like to continue your education with PADI, contact us for more information.