Diving in Menorca - Keep cool, get wet!

The Dive Center

We are two experienced dive instructors from the Netherlands & Austria, who love diving in Menorca. We want to share our passion with other people and help them having a really good time! Meet our team!


Dive Activities

We teach and guide you with safe diving practises in a beautiful environment with all the time and fun to explore the aquatic life around Menorca. We dive in small groups to make sure you will get the best possible experience!


If you have any questions or requests after browsing our website - don´t hesitate to contact us! We will trying to grant all your wishes - in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and under water of course!


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SSI - Scuba Schools International - www.diveSSI.com - Register Now

We love, what we do - every day!

SUMMER - open every day from 9:00 - 18:00

WINTER - We are open on demand- send us an email!

!! Important Information !!

All certified divers and students (except TRY SCUBA DIVERS) need a medical 'fit to dive' from a physician (not older than 2 years) and an insurance which covers diving activities. More information here