For Courses - SSI Scuba Diver/Open Water Diver

SPECIAL OFFER 2021- You want to do your beginner course in Cala Blanca, Menorca! Come to us!




In May and June 2020 for SSI Scuba Diver and SSI Open Water Diver:

Special offer for SSI Open Water Course € 399 - instead of € 450! 

Special offer for SSI Scuba Diver Course € 250 - instead of € 289!





Our courses are available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish!  

For Certified Divers

For all certified divers we offer a 10% discount for guided dives. Pre-bookings until 8 weeks prior to  your stay and as long as there is availability!  Spring is known to be the Stingray season! September is amber jack-time!!!! We are here all year around! 

For groups of 4 or more!

Please contact us via email, so we can send you a individual offer for your group! 

Our terms & conditions you find here. Please note that all divers need a medical clearence and a diving insurance!